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Antalya Bilim University was founded on July 21, 2010 and is a foundation university. It consists of 6 faculties, 4 colleges and 2 institutes. Transportation to the school is provided by private shuttles and public transport. The language of instruction is English. The school has students from 83 countries.

Currently, it provides services with a rectorate, two education buildings and a dormitory building in the central campus, and a preparatory department and a master’s degree in the city campus. The distance of Antalya Bilim University to major cities is 464 km from Ankara, 593 km from Istanbul, 1092 km from Diyarbakır, 1181 km from Erzurum, 434 km from Izmir and 846 km from Samsun.

A total of 5524 students are studying, as 1260 associate degree, 3714 undergraduate, 546 graduate and 4 doctoral students. Within the scope of the university, a total of 287 academic staff, including 47 professors, 19 associate professors, 120 doctors, 63 lecturers and 38 research assistants, work. The university has many campus facilities such as computer center, health services, cafeteria, library, gym and Wi-Fi. There are dormitory facilities at the university. Antalya Bilim University has exchange programs such as Erasmus+, Farabi and Mevlana. You can easily apply to Antalya Bilim University programs with Find And Study.

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