Academic Staff and Graduate Education Entrance Exam


Academic Staff and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES), in appointments to be made to the staff of lecturers, lecturers, research assistants, experts, translators and education instructors in higher education institutions;It is an exam that gives the points to be used in the entrance of graduate education in our country and in the selection of candidates to be sent abroad for graduate education.

Exam; Those who are able to graduate from an undergraduate program, those who have completed the undergraduate program and those who have received an undergraduate education abroad can get an application, provided that they have received a certificate of equivalence.

The exam is held twice a year, in the spring and autumn semesters

  • In the exam, tests consisting of numerical and verbal sections are applied, and in the numerical section, there are two tests (numerical-1 and numerical-2) consisting of 40 questions and two tests (verbal-1 and verbal-2) consisting of 40 questions.
  • Candidates should answer 120 questions in total, taking into account the coefficients of the tests in the type of score they want to use.
  • ALES results are valid for three years from the date they are made.